the site
This site is dedicated to Carlo Coccioli and in particular to his literary work, which is hardly available in bookshops.

Our purpose is to make his texts accessibile, both through traditional publishing houses and online publishing of excerpts or even unencrypted complete works. Two sections, both taken care by Giulio Mozzi, will be be reserved, respectively, to essays of various nature concerning the Author and publishing news.

This work is made possible thanks to the support and contribution of many friends:Roberto Ballabeni, Irene Bignardi, Mario Cavallari, Xavier Coccioli Flores, Emma Coccioli, Sergio Hernandez, Agnese Incisa, Vanessa Kling, Roberta Mazzanti, Juan Hector Mendez, Stefano Molino, Anna Ortolina, Ezael Ramiréz, Paola Ricci, Anna Sciacca Banti, Roger Serra,