contributi e saggi
For contributions and essays about the Author.

diritti editoriali
For publishing copyrights

redazione del sito
Editorial staff.


archivio fotografico
Photo album.

biblioteca marucelliana
A Carlo Coccioli foundation is constituted at the Marucelliana Library and is composed of manuscripts and typescripts donated by the author in 1985.

carlo coccioli in vibrisse
Carlo Coccioli in Vibrisse, a literary blog.

harry ransom center
Harry Ransom Research Center at University of Texas, Austin. The foundation holds about twenty manuscripts with original notes.

intervista alla TV svizzera, 1990
Video recording of an initerview appeared on the Swiss television in 1990. From Paola Ricci's archives.

piccolo karma edizioni
A new generation publishing house inaugurates its collection dedicated to Carlo Coccioli